BRPW Member Meeting

  • 14 Nov 2018
  • 13:00 - 15:30
  • Webex (link will be sent in confirmation E-Mail)

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Waukesha County Health and Human Services Presents: Closed Points of Dispensing (PODS)

Bridget Gnadt, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator from Waukesha County Health and Human Services/Public Health, will discuss how to protect your employees, your organization, and our community when facing a public health emergency.  Closed Points of Dispensing (POD) sites are pre-established locations that can be activated to distribute medication to a specific population of healthy people (i.e. your employees and their families) in the event of an infectious disease outbreak, a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.  

As a Closed POD site, the potential benefits include:

  • Saving time as your staff and their families receive time-sensitive medication quickly and on-site without having to travel or wait in line at a public POD site
  • Reducing cost as your business can quickly resume normal operational capacity
  • Improving Continuity of Operations Plans with the inclusion of public health emergency response strategies specific to your business
  • Strengthening employee relations by ensuring that direct and prompt care for your staff and their families is a top business priority
  • Creating a more resilient community that is better prepared to efficiently and effectively respond to public health emergencies

The Speaker:

Bridget Gnadt has been with Waukesha County since 2006, and got her preparedness start as the bilingual community health educator with Public Health.  Her firsthand experience serving the public through mass clinics during the H1N1 pandemic during the winter of 2008-2009 was instrumental in the development of her emergency preparedness interest.  In 2013, Bridget became the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Waukesha County Health and Human Services.  Some of her current job duties including planning for mass sheltering, business continuity, mass clinics (both open to the public and closed/private), family assistance after mass fatality events, hospital preparedness planning, volunteer management in emergencies, and building safety and security.  She also currently supervises the Emergency Preparedness Section of Waukesha County Public Health (a division of Health and Human Services).

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